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DataLoom saves a table in a custom JSON format in a .loom file to your vault. Since this is a custom format, it is not easily read by other applications. You may want to export your data to a more common format such as CSV or Markdown.

  1. Select the 3 dot menu in the top right corner of the loom
  2. Select Export
  3. Choose a data type: CSV or Markdown
  4. Export the data
  • Select Download to download the file to your file system
  • Select Copy to clipboard to copy the file to your clipboard

Remove markdown

The remove markdown option is enabled by default. That means any markdown values will be removed and replaced with plain text. See the table below for examples. If you would like to export markdown values, you may toggle this option.

Cell TypeMarkdownPlain Text
Text[[This is my link|Alias]]This is my link
Text**Some bold text**Some bold text
Checkbox[ ]false