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Create a snippet

A snippet is a css file that overrides existing styles in Obsidian.

Change the padding of cells

For example, if you wanted to change the padding size of cells, you could create a snippet that targets all of the cell containers

/* dataloom-padding-snippet.css */

.dataloom-cell--header__inner-container {
padding: 10px;

.dataloom-cell--body__container {
padding: 20px 10px;

.dataloom-cell--footer__container {
padding: 20px 10px;


The following table is a list of various plugin classes that you may override.

.dataloom-option-barOption bar
.dataloom-cell--headerHeader cell
.dataloom-cell--header__containerHeader cell container
.dataloom-cell--header__inner-containerHeader cell inner container
.dataloom-cell--bodyBody cell
.dataloom-cell--body__containerBody cell container
.dataloom-cell--footerFooter cell
.dataloom-cell--footer__containerFooter cell container